Engagement of the Broader Heliophysics Community



The IMAP team, drawn from 25 institutions, is strongly committed to including the rest of the Heliophysics community. IMAP welcomes the broader community into the IMAP Science team through open science team meetings. We have also set aside $2M from our cost cap for NASA-selected Guest Investigators in the science phase who will participate as full IMAP team members. Additionally, IMAP provides resources for a NASA-selected Technical Demonstration Opportunity.

IMAP has implemented innovative opportunities for involving early-career scientists. A comprehensive Student Collaboration provides students of diverse backgrounds with hands-on, mission experience. To help address the lack of diversity in Heliophysics instrument and mission leadership,  IMAP team members pair with a set of diverse and high-achieving graduate students and postdocs throughout the IMAP mission in the Heliophysics Future Leaders program.