CoDICE (Compact Dual Ion Composition Experiment)


CoDICE cross-section showing electro-optical design and simulations of particle trajectories through the ESA and TOF/E subsystems.

The Compact Dual Ion Composition Experiment (CoDICE) combines an ESA with a common TOF versus energy (TOF/E) subsystem to simultaneously measure (1) the 3D velocity distribution functions (VDFs) and ionic charge state and mass composition of∼ 0.5–80 keV/q ions in CoDICELo , and (2) the mass composition and arrival direction of∼ 0.03–5 MeV/nuc ions in CoDICEHi. CoDICEHi also measures ~20–600 keV electrons. These measurements are required to (1) determine the Local Interstellar Medium (LISM) composition and flow properties and (2) discover the origin of the enigmatic suprathermal tails and advance understanding of the acceleration of particles in the heliosphere. 

All schematics and numbers are preliminary as of the beginning of Phase A. Additional information about each instrument can be found in the Open Access IMAP Paper.

CoDICE Instrument Table

CoDICE Instrument Performance