SWE (Solar Wind Electrons)


IMAP-SWE schematic.

The Solar Wind Electron (SWE) instrument measures the 3D distribution of SW thermal and suprathermal electrons from 1 eV to 5 keV. SWE is based on the heritage Ulysses/SWOOPS, ACE/SWEPAM and Genesis/GEM instruments, with updated electronics based on Van Allen Probes/HOPE. SWE is optimized to measure in situ solar wind electrons at L1 to provide context for the ENA measurements and perform the in situ solar wind observations necessary to understand the local structures that can affect acceleration and transport.
SWE Instrument Table

SWE Instrument Performance.

All schematics and numbers are preliminary as of the beginning of Phase A. Additional information about each instrument can be found in the Open Access IMAP Paper.